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    Why should second-hand car business go to second-hand car?

    Why should second-hand car business go to second-hand car?

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    Recently, this newspaper has planned & ldquo; automobile e-commerce metamorphosis series report & rdquo; hope to sort out the development changes and transformation adjustment since the emergence of domestic automobile e-commerce in 2000, in order to excavate the characteristics of the industry. At the beginning of this series of reports, this newspaper puts forward the judgment that the new car e-commerce is on the way to upgrade version 2.0 after going through the initial stage of version 1.0. This issue will focus on the second-hand car business. Although compared with new car e-commerce, used car e-commerce has not been established for a long time, but in the past three years, with the development of the industry is in full swing, capital influx, crazy money, B2C, C2B2C as a model of start-ups springing up, hoping to explore a profitable model as soon as possible. However, the penetration rate of second-hand car e-commerce is not high, so they will coincidentally expand the direction of development to the entire automobile sales service industry chain.